Dave Cayem
Transforming user support through innovative process improvements, strategic implementation of technology, and amazing customer experiences.

My background is in customer success/support and operations with a focus on creating a user experience that drives business goals. I lead motivated, productive teams that optimize engagement and provide great customer service. Earlier in my career, I was focused on online community management (you can find my old community management blog here).

Turns out, community management and customer success have a lot in common. Both disciplines require a focus on effective communication, and both are aimed at helping the user get the most out of the platform or service being used. I have a journalism degree from Boston University, and started my professional life as a radio news reporter and anchor.

Some reccomendations from LinkedIn

...always driven to go the extra mile...incredible at figuring out easy solutions to big process challenges.

Make Salguero

Co-Founder, CustomMade

...strong leadership qualities. He can manage teams effectively and is also an active team player himself...

Eve Sangenito

Former VP, Mzinga

...he brought order to the chaos, and implemented systems and processes that helped us grow.

Seth Rosen

Co-Founder, CustomMade